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Subject: Abbi
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col83 15.02.09 - 10:42pm
If you ever read this can i have ya number, would love to get to know you and i live local *

johnooo 30.06.09 - 03:33pm
How about some video? *

naomi85 20.09.09 - 05:12pm
you're yummy huni x love your eyes x *

ali.bi.x 22.02.10 - 08:03am
Yeh babz u luk hot in those kniks mwah mre please x *

thehotrd 1.04.10 - 07:00am
Where did the no bra pic go? Gutted! *

luvxxxx 22.09.10 - 09:06pm
I like heavy but i need to see more. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez! *

jbj1 14.12.10 - 11:46am
Abbi plz put up some new pix:-P *

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